Aloha Tropicals

California Native Plant Society

Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
Check Pest Control Licenses. Click on “Licensing” (on right) and then click on "List of valid Licenses” (blue letters in middle).
AA = Licensed Pest Control Adviser. Must have this license to make
verbal or written recommendations. Can only advise on categories for which that person is licensed. Education required to apply for this license.
QL = Qualified Applicator
QC = Qualified applicator Certificate
Both are licensed to apply chemicals. Not licensed to advise or make
recommendations. No education needed to apply for the QL or QC.

International Palm Society

International Society of Arboriculture
Certified Arborist List. Click on “Welcome”, click on “find a Certified Arborist”. Search by name, city or zip code.


Monrovia Nursery
Online inventory of plants and trees with descriptions and color pictures.

State Contractors License Status Check
Check the license status of many different types of contractors on this website. Make sure your landscape contractor is in good standing with the proper insurance.
Click on “license status check”,
Click on “contractor name request” or “license number request”.

Tree of Life Nursery
The largest native plant supplier in the state.

U.C. Davis IPM online
Statewide integrated pest management information.

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