Native to the Caribbean, then migrating to Florida and Texas, the Diaprepes root weevil, (Diaprepes abbreviatus) is a member of the beetle family. The adult Diaprepes is about the size of a dime. This guy somehow hitched a ride to Newport Beach, and has now found its way to both L.A. and San Diego counties. This is a serious pest, potentially as big a problem as the Medfly, and quarantine zones have already been established in several areas of these counties. Plants, green waste and soil are subject to restrictions on movement within and from the quarantine zone.

This beetle feeds on both leaves and roots. Adult weevils feed on the leaves of plants, and their larvae feed on plant roots underground. You may notice chewed leaves on your plants, similar to snail damage, but with no slimy stuff on the leaves. They feed on about 270 different plants including citrus, hibiscus, avocado and oak. There are chemicals for control. Please contact your local Pest Control Adviser, Kathy Sommer, for particular recommendations.